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Will all ios8 features be available on iPhone 5s

I recently had an iphone 4 and noticed that not all of the ios7 features that were available on newe

Self-timer camera third party app for iPhone 4S

Hi, I've tried a lot of third party apps with self timer functionality from the AppStore an

When I make call and I turn on loud speaker I can't hear other person and other person cannot hear me. phone totally new. What can I iPhone 4S

I have just bought a new iphone 4s from the shop.When I make a call and I wish to turn the call on l

What happening iPhone 4S

I recently dropped my iphone 4s the other day and it broke so I took it to the local iphone repair s

how to mute camera sound iPhone 3G

i have iphone 4 ios7, i can't mute my camera sound but i've been switch the silent button. h

Iphone 5 with broken lock button screen stopped working

Hi Sooo this afternoon after having just made a call (30-60 seconds prior) I tried to use my ph

Found iPhone iPhone 5s

Imagine my surprise as I walked along the (quite deserted) beach this weekend as I uncovered an iPho

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When you fix my broken iphone 4S screen do you wipe my data ? if so is there a way to keep my data ?

iPhone 4s ios 7.1 Massive Battery Drain

Hi all, i have a iphone 4s with ios 7.1. Turned off background apps, parallax, location,siri etc.It

I have an iphone 4s with ios7. it work with 4g If not what i can to upgrade it

I have an iphone 4s with ios7. Does it work with 4g? If not what i can do to upgrade it?

IOS7 Forwarding text message to email not work. Only goes to another text. iPhone

I am very disappointed with Apple. I am coming late to IOS 7 and wonder why they removed features we

iPhone 5 home button problems

Hi all,          I've got an iphone 5 and have had

My iphone 5 screen has frozen I have pressed top button and home button together but it's still not working

My iphone 5 has frozen. I have tried pressing the top and home button together but it still doesn

iPhone 4S has mind of its own

My phone changes settings, operates in airplane mode, (send and recieve data), tells me the weather,

How to turn off TTY iPhone

Hi all,I saw someone said TTY can be turn off in settinsphone. But my iphone 4 with ios7.1.1 does no

My iPhone 5s Screen Completely Unresponsive

I've read other issues with this, but none of them seem to sound quite like mine. I'm desper

text message notification not sound iPhone

Same thing happening to me with my 4s after upgrading to ios7 - intermittent with texts and phone ca

My iphone screen blacked out Lock Button Broken

Doesnt show anything but siri works, and makes noise. There has been a similar thread and the soluti

backup pics unable to enter passcode. iPhone 5C

My screen is frozen black but i still hear notification sounds and siri still works. its still under