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How to make snapchat work with Iphone 5

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How to make snapchat work with Iphone 5

After I download the app snapchat, a notification pops up saying "Connect to iTunes to use push notifications- "Snapchat" notifications may include alerts, sounds and icon badges." However after I click OK the notification pops up again and again and again.


I have: deleated and redownloaded, turned phone off and back on, added snapchat to my apps allowed to give notifications, and connected to my computer.


What can I do to make the notification go away so that I can use the app?

2012-12-05 07:19:03

How to make snapchat work with Iphone 5

Load iTunes.


Backup your phone.


Make sure it is backed up !!


Run restore.


This will get rid of the error!


PS: do the backup. Don't skip it.


i just did this, and my snapchat was fixed instantly, along withmy imesssage and Facetime


Hope this Helps!

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