Unlock iPhone

songs won t play on my iPhone have a red circle with square beside them

I ve tried deleting song from iPhone . . .

...By swiping the title of the song, but it won't budge. When I try swiping it, the title shows

when i plug i my headphones phone continues to play music over speakers iPhone 5s

I got a life case for my phone and after I put it on the phone it stopped playing any sounds or musi

if you deleted device off of find my iphone .how you get device to start back up agian and put it back on find my iphone

if you deleted a  device off of find my iphone.how do you get the device to start back up agian

Clash of Clans Restore iPhone 3G

I just replaced my old iphone five with a new iphone 5 yesterday due to ringer issues and restored t

Can I switch game data to new Game Center account iPhone 3G

Hi everyone I have a problem with syncing a game called Clash of Clans to Game center. My

What lock with circle around it mean in top right corner of my iPhone 5c

What does the lock with a circle around it mean in the top right corner of my iphone 5c

Speakers Making High Pitched Noises iPhone 5

Hey guys so I have my iphone 5 for about 2 years in like 40 days (So I am still under warranty) Anyw

I bought two songs on itunes on my pc and i now need to delete them from my phone. please help. iPhone 3G

i bought 2 songs on iTunes on my pc, and i had them synced onto my phone, i found different versions

My Battery iPhone 5S

Hi guys! I've my iphone 5s since November last year and I really love that Phone, there is

My iPhone 5 doing crazy things all by itself. For example Siri comes on automatically without me saying anything phone dials contacts or tries to FaceTime my contacts without me doing anything when I click top button to turn it off phone

My iphone 5 is doing crazy things.  I have had it for 18 months.  For example: Siri comes

i sold my iphone 4s to pawn shop and got iphone 5 from my friend it won t respond at all even when plug into itunes

After I went to my friend to buy the iphone 5 from him, this is what he told me:"I got this iphone f

Organize tabs in iOS 7 music app iPhone 3G

in the music app, the tabs at the bottom are "radio, genius, playlists, artists, more" and under mor

I have new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room when i recently updated my new iPhone it has backed up to my old iPhone and I have therefore lost pictures messages etc from my new phone how can I get it all back iPhone 5C

I have a new iphone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently up

No sound from iPhone 4S

My iphone will not ring out loud or play sound but if I put in earbuds, it plays through them- help?

After 7.1.1 update my 5s not play music through earbuds iPhone 5s

The strangest thing occured on my iphone after updating to 7.1.1, I can listen to music from the spe

How come left set of speaker stopped working on my iPhone 5

When I play videos or music only the speakers on the bottom right side work.

how can I make purchased song into ringtone iPhone 5s

I purchased two songs and would like to make then into a ringtone for my phone.  Any suggestion

My itunes letting me add songs etc to library but when I press sync it comes up with box says ' iphone 'Kathryns iphone ' failed to sync because sync session failed to start' idea's in how I can get my phone to sync please iPhone 5s

Will someone please help me with this issue.

I need help putting music from itunes onto my iphone

i already have music on my iphone, i just bought a new laptop today and wanted to add a few more son

iphone speaker issue iPhone 4S

Hi, I have an iphone 4s. I am having a sound issue. It is not playing music out of the speaker.