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how to sort notes on iphone 5

Trying to delete content and settings from iPhone 4 and restoring with an iBackUpBot backup

So after iOS 7, I'm experiencing a lot of problems with my iphone 4 (8gb) with things like the s

i can not update or restore my ios device iPhone 5C

I have backed up my iphone 5c to icloud but it wont let me back it up to itunes  I need to save

Getting back accidently pasted over information iPhone 5

Hi There I had some information stored in notes, and when i went into it, i pasted over it by a

I iPhone 5s GSM A1533 will not support LTE in Japan. But mean it cannot function for calls 3G or anything at all

I will be moving to Japan at the end of July, and I really don't want to sign up for a new contr


All of my contacts have been deleted and about 10 others appeared out of no where on my phone. This

Will iPhone still wipe Not showing on Find My iPhone iPhone 5

Recently lost my iphone 5 on iOS 7.0.4.Find my iphone was activated on it as I could see the device

when updating to iOS 7.1 from iOS 6.1.3 it gives an error message HELP iPhone 4S

I have an iphone 4s and I have been trying for months to update my phone from iOS 6.1.3 to the new o

my iPhone 4S smashed I was able to retrieve S card but I understand it only contains phone number etc. way of retrieving my music contacts photos calendar or notes phone still turns on but bent.

my iphone 4S is smashed, I was able to retrieve the SIM card but I understand it only contains phone

I updated my iphone after while charger image pointing to itunes logo appeared on screen now i cannot use my phone what will i

What will i do my phone seems hang up after i updated last night? an image of charger pointing to mu

replaced battery in iPhone 5 it charged and was working. But overnight it now dead again and will Not turn back on. What heck wrong with it

My friends brother gave me his iphone 5 to fix for him. He said it stopped turning on. I figured it

why did my iphone suddenly delete all my contacts and my notes iPhone 4S

Last night I sent a text to my sister at 8:00 and my contacts were there, when she responded at 8:36

Transferring notes iPhone 3G

I just recently got a new iphone 5c because my old one wont turn on and i am wondering if there is a

How I get my iphone 4s to go to speaker audio when not on phone ie. listening back to notes I have recorded

How do I get my iphone 4s to go to speaker audio when not on phone...ie. listening back to notes I h

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I have my iphone 4 and then I saw on Apple's website that they will make their apps they made fr

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I tried to update my iphone from software 5.1.1 to 6.1.1 but it wouldn't let me. It said it coul

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Can I "undo" an accidental text delete in "notes"?

iPhone 5 battery life deteriorated suddenly

Since last Wednesday my battery life of my iphone 5 has dropped significantly. This morning, I

Why doesn t sort by album artist sort by album artist iPhone 3G

     I so far haven't found a straight answer for this, so I figured I'd

Phone shut off because it was stolen. Can someone get ahold of all my personal information iPhone 4S

My iphone 4 got stolen today before school. I was just walking into the building when I realized I h

iPhone 4S shutting down after iOS7 and support from Apple Chat

So, my iphone is shutting down suddenly with battery at about 40% and saying that it ran out of juic