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how to stop badoink android redirect

Which charger can charge my iPhone faster iPhone 5s

Hey guys, I had a concern and a confession to make. What I want to confess is that I have

how i permanently stop receiving texts on my iphone 4

how do i permanently disable texting on iphone4?

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My 15 month old Iphone 4S's screen has recently starting jumping and flickering and will not sto

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I use the same apple account on 2 different iPhones.... How can I stop my contacts from saving on bo

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After upgrading to newest iOS, my 5S sound stop working.So I took it to a near by apple store, they

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Yesterday evening my phone began having problems charging. It would stop, but then start again. I wa

why my iphone can't start up

hello apple comumunity let me explain the other day i was doing a backup to my iphone to instal

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I bought a new iPhone 5s 2 months ago and have since often had issues receiving SMS messages on time

I have new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room when i recently updated my new iPhone it has backed up to my old iPhone and I have therefore lost pictures messages etc from my new phone how can I get it all back iPhone 5C

I have a new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently up

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G


can tell me how to stop this message to be able to download apps from store i don t have enough money now on my card can i by means cancel my last purchase request to be able to proceed with downloading free apps iPhone 3G

can anyone tell me how to stop this message to be able to download apps from the store i don't h

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Can someone tell me how I can get rid of the photo's I have synced for my Wallpapers in my "Rece

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I've had my iPhone 4s for nearly two years. I've always had a case on it but this still does

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Are there any hardware related reasons that would make one iPhone 5S more prone to blue screens than

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I want to use my iphone's celldata connection to connect Wifi devices to the internet.  The

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How can I transfer my contacts from an android Smartphone to the Iphone?

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How do I stop my email and text notifications whilst making a phone call?

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some how my ipad and iphone synced together I want them not to be synced because I can not send or r

I want to switch back to android phone. I want to if I can transfer everything from my iphone to android iPhone 4S

How can I transfer everythingng from my iphone to android ??

Issues in connecting iPhone 4 16GB with Windows 8 Single Language machine

As soon as I connect my iPhone with my laptop via USB, the phone seems to viberate again and again w