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Straight Talk iPhone 4 ios 7

iPhone 5 Dropping calls

I got my iphone 5 in Sept 2013, which was close to the update of iOS 7. I have completed every updat

Please help iPhone 4S

I got a message saying straight talk Msg: Your allotted high speed data limit has been reached. Your

when I was texting suddenly screen went crazy colored lines appeared and locked in screen had hard time getting it back iPhone 4

While texting my  screen when to straight color  lines across,and semed to lock in there.I

i sold my iphone 4s to pawn shop and got iphone 5 from my friend it won t respond at all even when plug into itunes

After I went to my friend to buy the iphone 5 from him, this is what he told me:"I got this iphone f

i have iphone 5c friend gave me and i need it unlocked

i have a iphone 5c that a friend was using on us cellular and i want to use it on straight talk is t

My iPhone 5 outer camera microphone mute

please help. I talk on the phone, make voice memos, but when I go to make any kind of regular video

iphone 5 charging problem

I have an iphone 5 and have experinced charging problems with it for almost a yr now, gradually gett

Help iPhone 5s HOME carrier NO lte option

hi was given an iphone 5s a1533 running iOS 7.1.1Now just switched to straight talk,I work at walmar

Specific app no longer vibrating or producing sounds for push notifications iPhone

On my iphone 5S the Google Hangouts app does not have sound and does not vibrate for push notificati

iPhone 4s microphone

My iphone 4s microphone no longer works, I have to use speakerphone to talk on the phone. Can the mi

When I make call I can hear person I call but they cant hear me. But when I put my phone onto loud speaker they can hear me then iPhone

Hi I have recently had a problem with my iphone 5. When I make a call to someone I can hear them fin

my iphone broken iPhone 4S

for the past few weeks its been turning off by itself even when i have over 60% of battery left, but

iPhone 4 turns off randomly

Hi. I have an iphone 4, and it is probably 3-4 years old, and has no obvious extrernal problems exce

My iphone quit working even though it was charged. yesterday i had my phone in mypocket it was hot and all I did was send text and play music then it just stopped working it wont come on again.

All I did was text and play music for a little while.  At exactly 3:58 pm I sent a text I check

iMessage little issue Need ideias iPhone

Hi guys how are you? So i have a little issue with iMessage The service is working for alm

What going on with mics on 5s iPhone 5s

Just finally decided to come out of the dark ages and buy a smartphone.  I got a iphone 5s and

When I make phone call on my iPhone 4s other person says I sound muffled and when they talk they can hear them selfs talking dose what wrong with my phone

When I make a phone call on my iphone 4s the other person says I sound muffled and when they talk th

Can Straight Talk CDMA locked iphone 5 be unlocked to use with gsm

I'm on straight talks fancorps team it's where you earn points by doing certain tasks, and t

iPhone 4S won't turn on

Hi, I bought a second hand iphone 4S about two weeks ago and I've had no problems with it. Howev

My phone goes straight to answer phone when people call iPhone

My iphone 4s sometimes goes straight to answer phone when people call. I don't hear the phone ri