Unlock iPhone

how do i switch my iphone from th euk store to the us app store

How much it cost to fix l.e.d in apple store iPhone 5C

How much does it cost to fix l.e.d in that apple store

Nike app won t download to phone just opens from App Store iPhone 3G

I previously had the nike running app on my previous iphone. I have tried to download it again to my


Rajesh Kumar <rajesh.kumar1978@gmail.com> Apr 14 (9 days ago)  to services.cp, service.cp

Can you change your gamecenter password to something other than your apple id iPhone 4

My son wants to be able to switch from his gamecenter to my gamecenter, but I don't want him kno

i cant access my passcode on iphone 4

all i get when i turn my iphone 4 on is a apple logo and then it reloads again after a beep when i h

Detached screen iPhone 5C

I threw my iphone 5c across the room now the screen is detached from the back part completely. The b

else get mad when you purchase an app iPhone 5

And that app does nothing like it says it does in its description?! I'm so tired of this! For ex

can you buy s card from apple store iPhone 4

i have a appointment because im fixing my phone ive been locked out of it for some time now ( dont r

iPhone 5S warranty

Buna ziua. As avea nevoie de o parere, un sfat. Am achizitionat de la Apple store din China un iPhon

Hey everyone why it when I update my apps in App Store it registered under different Apple ID And when I download brand new apps it different Apple ID this mean someone has hackedtracked my phone iPhone 3G

If someone can help that would be great

How i recover old voicemails after upgrading phones iPhone

I just upgraded phones from a iphone 4 to an iphone 5s.  I have a number of voicemails on the o

Missing free already loaded apps on new 5s iPhone 3G

I just got a new 5s- love it. However, my son reminded me that I should have access to Pages, Number

Apple ID pops up for installingupdating apps doesnt match one under settings iPhone 3G

I'm wondering why the Apple ID I have under my settings than itunes and app store doesn't ma

Very disappointed iPhone 4S

Enjoying far greater than average customer loyalty, as does Apple, I'm curious as to their treat

Can I switch out my current phone with another color iPhone 5s

Can I switch out my current phone with another color? I have black and I would prefer the silver. My

I can not receive or send text messages iPhone

I cant send/recieve messages from friends and family, unless they have the iphone.  This is ext

Ringer to Silent Nonstop Vibrate iPhone 5

I currently have the iphone 5 and recently it will viberate all the time. I notice that one screen i

Water in iphone 5

I have recently dropped my iphone5 in water, I put it in rice for several days to dry out.It won'

Help Messages Mail Safari and other Apps suddently not working on iPhone 4S.

Greetings, friends.  I have an iphone 4S and yesterday afternoon the Messages, Mail and Safari

i need help iPhone 4

so my mom had her old iphone 4 laying around so i took it off her hands. i changed the itunes accoun