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how do i switch my iphone from th euk store to the us app store

iPhone 4S screen flickers at bottom when using camera iPhone 4S screen flickers at bottom when using camera

Whenever I use the camera app or view snaps on snapchat the bottom of my 4S screen flickers and jump

My iPhone switched off accidentally I can't switch it on iPhone 5s

For no reason my iphone 5s is switched off.... I was not downloading or not using it.I call my numbe

Will Apple repair my phone even if it was jail broken in past iPhone 5

Hello all, I've recently discovered some issues with my iphone 5. The device thinks that he

iPhone 5 SleepWake Button Replacement Program

Can I change the hold button after I changed it from the retail store, not an apple participation pr

Can i get warranty for my iphone 5s in india if it has international warranty

I had buyied from apple authorised store usa so i had issue with home screen button can i get warran

I can t seem to download spotify. It s not available in my App Store iPhone 3G

I can't download spotify

Quick Question iPhone 3G

My iphone 5s charger recently got messed up i was wondering if i go to the Apple store will they exc

App Store said to update Evernote but would not let me. Now can t install iPhone 3G

The App store said to update Evernote, but there was not update button option. I thought that was st

how I retrieve photos from my iphone 4s will not stay charged

My iphone 4s only stays on when it's charged into a wall or car charger. Even then it turns off

if you deleted device off of find my iphone .how you get device to start back up agian and put it back on find my iphone

if you deleted a  device off of find my iphone.how do you get the device to start back up agian

Help iPhone 5C

Soo I bought my iphone off my friend .. She has my serial number and stuff one day she asked and sai

iphone shuts down panic.ips very difficult to restart using home and power buttons iPhone 5

My iphone 5 is about 1-1/2 years old. Yesterday the phone shut down during a voice call and would no

Blue screen on iphone 5S

After upgrading to newest iOS, my 5S sound stop working.So I took it to a near by apple store, they

Can I switch game data to new Game Center account iPhone 3G

Hi everyone I have a problem with syncing a game called Clash of Clans to Game center. My

Movies in cloud on iPad but not iPhone

Hey guys, Recently bought the Dark Knight trilogy that went on sale in the iTunes store. I love

how to get icloud backup on new iphone 5c

I got a new iphone 5c today.  I backed up my old iphone 4 on icloud but now I don't know ho

Broken Lock Button Missing Home Button iPhone 5

I have had my iphone 5 since February, 2013. My lock button stopped working in October/November 2013

Computer can't recognize iPhone 5 after resetting

So my iphone 5 had a problem with the front camera, so I decided to go to my local store to have the

So I went into my app Store to update my apps and it says my apple id has been disabled. I have reset my password but it still not work. What can I iPhone 5

This is for my Apple ID...

App store language iPhone 3G

I want to change the app store application in my iphone to english. I dont know how