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Organize tabs in iOS 7 music app iPhone 3G

in the music app, the tabs at the bottom are "radio, genius, playlists, artists, more" and under mor

How to save web page in camera roll iPhone 3G

Hello, I'm trying to attach a file to a web page that requests invoices in order to proceed

iphone frozen iPhone 5s

my iPhone 5s is frozen on a Facebook password page and won't let me shut it down, how do I fix t

How you clear out other space on my iphone iPhone 5

I want to clear out the other space on my phone.  The yellow colored space on the page when my

anyway I can get my phone to not restore iPhone

My phone is saying it needs to be restored by itunes, but I don't wanna lose my media, and I don

My app has been crashing on me for almost day now. How I fix it without losing all my data on it iPhone 4S

Every time I open my app (Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff) it'll open for about 5 seconds then b

Why isn t emergency alerts listed in notification center iPhone 3G

Yesterday we where in a tornado watch and warning. I have a ipone 4s and my daughter has a ipone 5s.

why it say i cant use my icloud account iPhone 4S

Hi all  Please help!!! I lost my iphone 4 this aft, i tried to connect to icloud when i returne

I forgot my my security questions and I went to page to reset them and it said they would send me email but they never did please help iPhone 3G

I forgot my scurity questions and I went to the apple page to Change them and they said they have se

Safari app not working webpage not appearing and unresponsive. Calling all iphone 5 experts for help

Hi, need help. Safari app working fine until just now. Webpage not appearing and when trying to open

I am using iphone 4s in India. I am facing problem some times when I got call my iphone got stuck and unable to unlock and I lost call unattended. Then I have to reboot my iphone .

I am using iphone 4s in India. I am facing a problem that some times when I got a call, my iphone go

Battery issue--app issue iPhone 3G

I got a battery issue with my iphone5 two weeks ago, that it will cut off when the battery showing 5

how i get text link in my contacts iPhone

there is not a text message link on my contacts page, how do i get one there??

Could not buy Line sticker it shown Your purchase wasn t completed successfully. Please check your MY ORDERS page. . iPhone 3G

Could not buy Line sticker, it shown "Your purchase wasn't completed successfully. Please check

GarageBand install issues iPhone 3G

I can't get GarageBand to properly install on my iPhone. The first time I downloaded the app, th

What causes an app icon to not stay on an assigned page iPhone 3G

I have a downloaded app that reverts from an assigned page (4) back to page 2 whenever the phone is

my iphone screen flickering HELP

hi my iphone screen has been fine up until about 25 minutes ago when it started flickeringi turned t

iPhone 5c screen broken phone won't work

I dropped my iphone 5c and the screen shattered.  It was still usable, but in the last 2 days i

my settings icon gone on iphone 5 not in folder not on another page and have also typed it in search iphone spotlight and can use it from but i would still li8ke icon to reappear so i can just click on it

iphone 5 settings icon is gone and i did search any files, folders and swped to all pages! i know th