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trust dialog header iphone

IPhone got repaired by apple but when it came from repair same problem was still iPhone 5C

So yesterday i found out that my iphone's screen is making a creepy sound when i push the upper

Issues in connecting iPhone 4 16GB with Windows 8 Single Language machine

As soon as I connect my iphone with my laptop via USB, the phone seems to viberate again and again w

My iPhone 5s Screen Completely Unresponsive

I've read other issues with this, but none of them seem to sound quite like mine. I'm desper

iPhone 5 and rMBP Mavericks won't connect

The iphone 5 keeps buzzing on and off like the buzzing when you first connect your iphone to your la

How much will it cost to get my iPhone 5s screen replaced

My iphone 5s fell out my locker at work and smashed the screen, it's still less than a year old

Stupid security or how I lost all my data iPhone 3G

Hi Apple, All This has the potential to be a bit of a long story so bare with me. Thanks. 

Got new IOS 7.1.1 but phone wont show up in my computer even after i hit to allow to trust iPhone 5s

everytime i plug in it pops up to trust the phone or not again. Can link it to my computer at all

I have iphone 4 touch screen not responding. They sent me new phone but I want to back up first. How should I this with out touch screen I'm unable to tap TRUST THIS COMPUTER . advise to back up.

I have a iphone4 that the touch screen is not responding.  They sent me a new phone but I want

you sell battery for iphone 4S

Wondering since my iphone 4S is no longer under warranty if I can purchase a battery for it from App

restoring from backup iPhone 4S

have we found a fix for backing up a new iphone 5c with a 4s backup, as of yet?  It's of gr

I send email but no body answer me I bought iPhone 4s unlocked from Appel store I used it with Vodafone network but no it became locked for aney network why I don't no pleas give me asolution bout this case because I will become forget trust o

I send the email but no body answer meI bought iphone 4s unlocked from Appel store  I used it w

I can not set my iphone up i cant anything through itunes either because its telling me to click trust computer but i cant without access to my phone iPhone 5C

Hi, when i go to set my iphone up it tells me to go on the apple site and use the recovery mode, onl

I bought defective iPhone 4 I did not until later when I istalled certain apps like Waze. It crashes and reboots itself when I use Waze. Apple technical support advising me to buy new iPhone . What should I Please help

Does anyone know how I can have my iPhone4 repaired? Apple sold it to me deffective but I did not re

I keep getting trust this computer prompt. iPhone 5s

I touch "trust" but it keeps repeating without syncing? advice please...

How could i where can i find my picture just taken by camera roll. iPhone 5s

Hi Friends, I am using iphone 5s via window 7.  I have no icloud sync or other things comp

my iPhone 4s will not connect with my mac pro

hey, so i have an iphone 4s with the latest update iOS7.1 and a macbok pro which is also up to date

Problems After Updating iPhone 4

I've used nothing but Apple products for eight years now but I'm wondering if I should stop

My phone turned off and when I connected to charge it didn't turn on. It still off. I connect to computer and nothing happen. I tried to hold home bottom with power and nothing happen either. What else can I Thank you iPhone 5 iOS 7.1

As i said before my phone turned off and when I connected to charge it didn't turn on. It still

iMessage can t be turned on via mobile data iPhone

I turned off my iMessage to reset, and try to turn back on via mobile data. A dialog shows that "iMe

Accidentally pressed Don't Trust iPhone 5C

I accidentally clicked don't trust and now it keeps asking every time. Is there a way to stop th