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trust dialog header iphone

Accidentally pressed Don't Trust iPhone 5C

I accidentally clicked don't trust and now it keeps asking every time. Is there a way to stop th

Having charging issues with iPhone 4s when plugged into computer

For a while when I went to charge my iphone 4s by plugging it into the desktop computer, my phone di

How I Trust This Computer with broken screen iPhone

Alright so my screen on my phone is broken and I want to use my sister's Mac in order to read te

iOS 7.1 and iTunes could not connect to this iPhone . You not have permission. BUGGING ME NOW

Checked the usb status and it sees an iphone ( 4s ) attached,Repaired disc permissionsupdated and re

How did my iPhone 4 get additional free space

iphone 4 on iOS 7.1. I synced my iphone 4 to iTunes on a laptop by accident.  I told my iP

5s since iOS 7.1 update transferring photos to computer file issue. Asks if I trust I accept then disconnects and asks if I trust it again. iPhone 5s

Anyone have an answer

Wrong iTunes account iPhone 3G

Hello,I just plugged my wife's iphone into my MacBook to backup before setting up her new 5S. It

How I backup my data from my old phone WHICH ONLY HALF SCREEN WORKS iPhone 5

I cant touch half of my screen so when I plug it in to my computer and it gets the message for it to

How I return my iPhone 4 back to way it was after I accidentally backed it up with my old iPod s information and now all my contacts messages and photos are all gone

So I went to plug my iphone into my computer, automatically pulling up iTunes/iTunes Store. I notice

after updating to ios 7.1 trust this computer message wont go away iPhone 3G

iphone 5 after updating to ios 7.1 trust this computer message wont go away

Will China iPhone 5S work in U.S. .

So I'm currently living in China, and I upgraded my Verizon iphone 5 to an unlocked iphone 5S th

iOS 7.1 Random Reboots iPhone 4S

So, according to all the reports, iOS 7.1 is meant to fix the white/black screen reboots. Well, HUGE

I have cracked my LCD and glass on my iPhone 5 what can I

I dropped my iphone five and cracked the LCD trust glass screen what can I do

What data from my iPhone gets sent to Apple and Developers when I download FREE app and when I purchase an app

I would like to know what data is sent to a developer, and to Apple, whenver I download a FREE app f

Someone faced bluescreen issue iPhone 5s

What to do? My ipohne sometimes just turns blue then white with stipes etc. and reboots. Sometimes i

My iPhone 4 will not connect to iTunes after update FEB 2014

I am running on windows 8.1:So I did the iTunes update the other day (this is feb 2014, i have seen

ERROR 27 iPhone 5 16GB Won't Restore Stuck in DFU mode

I continue to recieve error msg when trying to restore my iphone... (end of the loading iphone firmw

iTunes doesn't recognise my iPhone iPhone 4S

When I plug my iphone into my laptop it charges but doesn't appear in my iTunes. Nornall it says

iPhone 5s won't sync with computer after upgrade to iOS 7.0.5

I recently upgraded my new iphone 5s as instructed to iOS 7.0.5.  Everytime I try to sync it ma

I have disabled iPhone 4 and when I connect it to iTunes my phone doesn't trust computer What I

I have been using the iphone as my iPod . I left it at home with my little brother and he disabled i