Unlock iPhone

how do i turn off applications on iPhone 4 running ios 7.0.2

how to turn passcode off if not highlighted iPhone 5C

how do i disable the passcode lock if it is not highlighted on the phone?

iPhone 5 jailbroken keeps restarting

This has been bothering me for weeks. My jailbroken iphone 5,running iOS 7.0.4 randomly restarts ( c

my iPhone 4s locked and its running on male voice.its running on command mode.i am not accessing my iPhone

my i phone 4s is locked and its running on male voice.its running on command mode.i am not accessing

when I turn on my 5s keyboard appears on bottom h alf and I can't even enter my security code. How I get rid of keyboard iPhone 5s

when I turn on my 5s, a keyboard appears on the bottom half and I can't even enter my security c

Weird message on iPhone . Won't turn on. iPhone 5

My phone completely shut off and this weird "findflashandkeepout..." Message appeared on top of the

How your fix Iphone 5 32g will not pass apple logo in boot up

I plug in my iphone 5 to the charger cube and all my phone does is turn on with the apple logo. Then

my phone just shut off and will not turn back on but I not want to loose all my stuff please help iPhone 5C

Please help - my phone shut down a few hours ago and will not turn back on....I am scared to reset (

I cant turn on wifi con My iPhone 4S

For some reason I can not turn my wifi any more what can I do?

Iphone batterypowercharging issue iPhone 4S

Hello everyone or anyone who might help. I've recently changed my iphone 4S's display (

My iphone 4s will not turn on It was working properly and then I noticed battery was 1 and once i tried charging phone it was unable to turn back on it s been two hours I already tried to reset but nothing works. I tried different chargers .

My iphone 4s will not turn on, It was working properly and then I noticed the battery was at 1% I th

iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 self-launches applications

Since upgrading my iphone 5 to iOS 7.1 I have been experiencing 2 strange issues:1 - When plugged in

My iPhone 4s which was working perfectly previously suddenly won't switch on battery was fully charged

iphone 4s won't switch on. Was fine - was not turned off - just went dead and won't turn on.

can apple fix an iphone thats cracked and doesnt want to turn on

i need help with my phone the back is craked my screen wont respond and it doesnt connect to interne

Springboard crash iPhone 5

Has anyone experienced a springboard crash on their iphone 5 running ios 7.1? I was scrolling thru m

iphone 5 auto restart

hii sir my iphone 5 wont turn on,when m plug into charger its auto restart ...what i do is there bat

iPhone broken SOS iPhone 5

phone turned off and won't turn back on, so i plugged it into iTunes and it told me to restore t

iPhone 5 totally freeze

My iphone 5 got totally freeze, couldn't turn off either, which means cannot use the restore fun

Helppppppp iPhone 5s

Sorry, there is no solution. Your were scammed & most likely, have in your possession, a stolen

Hard reset DFU recovery mode iPhone 4S

There are alot of ways people post on the internet on how to do this, sometmes that method is succes

why won't my phone connect to my pc when another iphone will iPhone 4S

my wife has an iphone 4s as do Imy phone will connect to our ASUS laptop pc and itunes without any p