Unlock iPhone

why is my voicemail greeting failing to save

one broken pin in s card reader matter iPhone 5s

Usally, i treat phones like pets, you stay with them right until it's their time, in phone cases

touch id for iPhone 5s

I am failing to set up touch id for iPhone 5s

How you back up your iphone iPhone 4S

Can anyone tell me how to back up my iphone on icloud/itunes which ever so I can save my info and sa

how I get my visual voice mail back iPhone

I updated to the most recent software update 7.1.1(11D201) & my visual voicemail option disappea

I NEED HELP iPhone 5

A few months back, I cracked my iPhone 5. Today, I was out throwing around a lacrosse ball, and then

I NEED HELP iPhone 5

A few months back, I cracked my iPhone 5. Today, I was out throwing around a lacrosse ball, and then

How to save web page in camera roll iPhone 3G

Hello, I'm trying to attach a file to a web page that requests invoices in order to proceed

Help with voicemail iPhone 5C

I setup my voicemail two days ago on my iPhone 5c  and it still says setting up voicemail. Help

How I make new voicemail notification red dot go away on iPhone 4

How about trying the troubleshooting steps as recommended in the User Guide--restart, reset, restore

how to recover voicemails iPhone

Is visual voicemail working?  IF not call your carrier and have them reenable your account, old

Lost my iPhone 5 need to find backup of photos on my MBP

Does anyone know where I can find the files of my photos I once had on my iPhone 5 that I backed up

I have an iphone 5. Every time I go to save number it WILL NOT save. When i go to my contacts its . But when person texts me it comes up their regular number. it doesnt show name. help

with everyone elses contact it saves. but with this contact it saves but when someone texts me it ju

Can I turn auto brightness off and it save battery iPhone 4S

Hi I turned my autobrightness on and I was wondering does it save the battery 

How can I unlock iPhone 3GS has forgotten passcode and unable to install update I tried restoring it but update keeps failing. Thank you-

Ever since I got a new iPhone 5c, I have not used the iPhone 3GS for months. My mother wanted to tem

my voicemail full and I need to delete messages. I have selected messages and deleted and tried to clear all but mailbox stays full iPhone 5

my voicemail is full and I need to delete messages.  I have selected messages and deleted and t

No App Updates IOS App Store iPhone 3G

all of a sudden, all of my ios devices are failing to show me updates in the app store. For exa

Can I get repeat alerts for voicemail on iphone 5s

Can I get my iPhone 5s to repeat alerts for voicemail?

3-way calling Aps to replace this mess iPhone 5C

Just got my Iphone and I do a fair amount of business 3-way calling.  If I am on the phone with

Had to jump into pool to save somebody and how to get my iPhone 5s working again

Hi, General question for iphone 5s gold 64 gb. Went to a kid's pool party and my little son