Unlock iPhone

why won t ISO 7.0 install on my iPhone

App Store said to update Evernote but would not let me. Now can t install iPhone 3G

The App Store said to update Evernote, but there was not update button option. I thought that was st

My AppStore won t let me upgrade or download apps. I already reset my phone in all ways possible and it didn t fix problem. Help iPhone 3G

I tried resetting my phone and also deleted all the content but I still can't upgrade or install

why my iphone can't start up

hello apple comumunity let me explain the other day i was doing a backup to my iphone to instal

how to download facebook in iphone 5c

how can i install app required application in my iphone 5c?



screen frozen and all iphone iPhone 5s

my iphone 5s was purchased in December 2013 after 5 months of use and install the latest upgrade of

app uptades take from internal memory iPhone 3G

If the original app I had installed to my iphone was, say, 10 MB, what happens when I install, say,

Why can't I install my iphone OS update It always says i am no longer connected to internet but my internet connection very good. Pls help me. iPhone 4S

Please help me install my iphone OS update. Because it always say that i am no longer connected to t

Iphone 4S have place to put micro sd card of 16 mg

I was given a Micro SD Card, 16 mg, and didn't know if you can install one on an iphone 4S.Is it

My Iphone 4s won't connect to wifi fixes iPhone 5

My iphone 4s recently stopped connecting to wfi. I have no clue what could have caused it because I

How can I unlock iPhone 3GS has forgotten passcode and unable to install update I tried restoring it but update keeps failing. Thank you-

Ever since I got a new iphone 5c, I have not used the iphone 3GS for months. My mother wanted to tem

Iphone 5s Yellow screen tint

My New iphone 5s Got a Annoying yellow tint sceen ,I Dont want to Jailbreak and install color profil

iPhone productivity apps. My iPhone offered me package of apps such as pages and I clicked on not now . How I go back and install them

I wish to install the productivity apps my iphone offered me when it was new.

iphone will not restore after failed software update iPhone 4S

I attempted to install the latest software update to my iphone 4s and it failed. Now the phone is pr

GarageBand install issues iPhone 3G

I can't get GarageBand to properly install on my iphone. The first time I downloaded the app, th

I tried to install Khmer fond as directed but it was said installing app will change setting in my iphone it safe to install

how can I read Khmer on Facebook with my iphone 5s?

my iphone 3g can not install game

Dear support   MY iphone 3g apple id  sekarkj@gmail.com    but can not

How can I install iTunes iPhone 3G

How can I install iTunes

I don t have world icon installed on iphone 4s

I don't have the world icon on the iphone 4s. When I type a message to someone and want to add a

My Iphone 4 has lost I activated Lost Mode Can Thief Still Use it If heshe restore or install New iOS software

Hello, Last week someone stolen my iphone 4, I activated Lost Mode from my Icloud Account, I re